SGD300.00 per child (before GST), payable upon application

  Ganges Campus Outram Campus UE Campus
Full-Day Programme 1,350.00 1,300.00 1,500.00
Half-Day Programme (AM/PM) 1,000.00 950.00 $1200
Infant Care Programme N/A 1,500.00 N/A
Emergency Child Care Service 90.00/per full day
70.00/per half day
90.00/per full day
70.00/per half day
90.00/per full day
70.00/per half day
Additional Charges
- Insurance (per year)
- Material Fees (per year)
- Mattress (applicable to full-day programme)
- Mattress cover (applicable to full-day programme)
- Uniform

20.00/per set


  • All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD), before subsidy by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and is exclusive of GST. 
  • A refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s school fee will be collected after a 2-week trial period.
  • Fees are correct as at publishing time and may be adjusted annually.
  • Pro-ration of fees will not be entertained.
  • Fees are non-transferable.

The invoice for the upcoming month’s fees will be attached to your child’s Communication Book at the end of each current month. The fees are payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice. Should your child be absent from school for any reason, we seek your understanding that we are unable to make provision for the waiver of fees or refund for any period of time that he/she was away from school.

The school reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the child, and withhold the release of reports, learning materials, recommendations and other documents, in the event that the invoices are not settled within the stipulated time frame.

We understand that you may need time to assess the suitability of Superland for your child’s development. Thus, we offer a mandatory two-week trial period for every new admission.  During this period, should either party decides that it is in the best interest of the child to withdraw him/her from our programme, the deposit, along with any unused portion of the programme fees will be refunded.

Please note: In the event of an enrolment withdrawal during the trial period, the fees will be charged on a pro-rated basis and will not be eligible for the Government Child Care Subsidy.

Superland offers door-to-door transportation service island-wide for the benefit of parents who require help in bringing their children to the school.  The fee for the transportation service is as follows:

Distance from school 1-way transport (per month) 2-way transport (per month)
0.0km to 2.0km SGD 96.00 SGD 120.00
2.1km to 4.0km SGD 104.00 SGD 130.00
4.1km to 6.0km SGD 112.00 SGD 140.00
6.1km to 8.0km SGD 120.00 SGD 150.00
8.1km to 10.0km SGD 128.00 SGD 160.00
10.1km to 12.0km SGD 136.00 SGD 170.00
12.1km to 14.0km SGD 144.00 SGD 180.00
Above 14km SGD 160.00 SGD 200.00

To request for transportation service, please fill in the registration form and submit it to us either manually or via email to our Ganges Campus, UE Square Campus or Outram Campus

All applications received before the start of the academic year will be included in our initial route-planning, matching it as closely as possible to your requirements.

Applications received after the start of the academic year will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and incorporated into existing routes.  While we will make every effort to accommodate your request as quickly as possible, we may need to temporarily offer you an alternate time slot in the event that your requested time slot is not available. We seek your understanding and cooperation in this.

Do feel free to contact us at +65 6278 5886 (Ganges campus), +65 6221 5110 (Outram campus) or +65 6348 0311 (UE Square campus) for more information.

The amount of childcare/infant care subsidy granted to children who are Singapore citizens by the MSF takes into account the following the:

  • employment status of mothers/single fathers
  • type of programme (full-day/half-day)

Working mothers are eligible for a monthly rebate of SGD300.00 for our full-day programme or SGD150.00 for the half-day programme. Non-working mothers are eligible for a flat monthly subsidy of SGD150.00 regardless of programme type.

Please note: All government subsidies are subject to approval of the MSF. Application Forms are available at our administration counter.
To be eligible, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • at least one parent must be a Singapore Citizen;
  • the child attending the child care centre is:
    a. a Singaporean Citizen
    b. below the age of 7 seven years and not attending primary school

We will collect a refundable deposit, equivalent to one month’s school fee for each child prior to the child’s first day of school. This deposit will be refunded on your child’s last day of school.
Should you wish to withdraw your child from the school after the trial period, we will require one-month notice of your intention or by payment in lieu of the notice. This notice may be given either via email or in hard copy.
If you have any questions regarding the 2015/2016 school fees, please feel free to contact us for clarification at:

  • By Cheque
  • Please ensure all cheques are crossed and made payable as follows:

    Ganges Campus Superland Montessori Pre-School Pte Ltd
    Outram Campus Superland Pre-School (Outram) Pte Ltd
    UE Campus Superland Pre-School(UE Square) Pte Ltd

    You can pass the cheques to us in person or mail it directly to our campus. We do not accept post-dated cheques.

  • By NETS
  • By GIRO

Please fill in the GIRO application form which is available at our respective campus administration counters.