• Our Motto, “Where Learning meets Happiness” reflects our belief that learning best takes place in an environment of fun and joy.
  • We also believe in addressing our children’s unique inner-motivation and learning-style in order to help them achieve their full potential.
  • To this end, we have adopted the Montessori educational approach, which provides children with customised activities perfectly adapted to each stage of their developmental milestones.

Superland Pre-school seeks to create a nurturing child-care environment with a comprehensive educational curriculum that incorporates the bilingual Montessori programme to realise our motto of "Learning in Happiness".

We are committed to providing an integrated Montessori–based curriculum that covers Practical life-skills development, Sensorial experience, Language development, Numeracy and a variety of Cultural activities. Beyond cognitive development, we are also committed to developing our children physically and in the area of fine arts through the provision of gymnastics, music and other relevant programmes.

At Superland we will:

  • Create an environment in our campuses where all children will feel safe, secure and happy throughout their learning journey with us.
  • Maintain high standards of academic progress, achievements and performance for our children with a long-term objective of setting them on the right track towards the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Develop students who are fluent in English and at least one other language (Chinese, Japanese, French, Hebrew or Korean).
  • Build up our children’s confidence and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
  • Promote critical thinking and cultivate enquiring and innovative minds.
  • Develop a heart of compassion for others and the courage to stand up for what is right.
  • Celebrate diversity and build an understanding of, and respect for, different value systems and cultures.
  • Recruit and retain professionally-trained educators.
  • Continue to develop a welcoming community that supports happy and passionate staff, children and parents.

Superland's Philosophy and Guiding Statements will guide us in achieving excellence in our curriculum and providing a happy and positive environment for growing and learning to take place for each and every child.