Orientation for Newcomers

We will arrange a special orientation programme for you and your child the day before he/she officially commences school with us. This is to allow your child to familiarise himself/herself with the school environment, teachers and classmates. The orientation also gives the teachers the opportunity to learn more about your child from you.

The start of pre-school is often nerve-wrecking yet exciting for the child.  In many cases, the first day of school is accompanied by lots of crying, feelings of uncertainty, and heel-digging for both the parent and the child! Regardless of your child’s developmental stage, temperament and age, separation anxiety is perfectly normal and is a passing phrase.  As your child gradually adapts to the new environment, the separation anxiety will also gradually disappear.

To help your child adjust to this new phase of pre-school, we encourage you to:

  • acknowledge of his/her emotions.
  • let your child bring a little reminder of home to the pre-school (e.g. a favourite toy, blanket, beloved book or a sippy cup filled with his/her favourite drink).
  • maintain an upbeat tone as you assure your child that you believe that he/she will have a good time in school.

Bear in mind that your child will take the cue from you on how to react to this period of change. They will be looking out for reassuring signs that they are in a safe place and that you are confident of their ability to adjust to this new environment.

When it is time to exit the room and leave your child with our teachers, do try to hold back your tears a little longer (smiling helps to un-scrunch those furrowed brows), give your child a warm and assuring hug and tell him/her when you will be back (e.g. “I’ll pick you up after lunch”). Then head out.

Do not linger because he/she cannot get on with the day as long as you are hanging around.  A long farewell will only reinforce the idea that pre-school is a bad place. Also, do not give in to the temptation to sneak out when your child is looking the other way as it will make him/her feel even more insecure and less trusting.

It is not uncommon for young children to have a meltdown when it is the time to be separated from their parents.  However, even if your child is howling like a banshee and clinging on to you like a barnacle, chances are he/she will be fine within minutes of you leaving the room.  In the event that your child is taking a while to adjust, there is no need to panic as our teachers and teaching assistants are well-trained to handle such situations. As you depart, be assured that your child is in good hands, and you may even be surprised by your child’s unwillingness to leave the classroom at the end of his/her school day!