Our Partnership with parents

Here at Superland, we have reaped the benefits of working hand-in-hand with our parents for the development of our children. Our culture of open-door communication has proven vital in establishing a strong parent-school relationship as we harness the various communication channels below to share information with, and gather feedback from, our parents:

  • Daily: Superland Communication Book, Email communication, Mobile Application, Phone Call
  • Bi-weekly: Curriculum Newsletter
  • Half-yearly: Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Throughout the year: Class bulletin board, Parenting workshops, Superland newsletter

Every child who joins Superland will receive a Communication Book.  This book is brought to and from school daily. Vital information relating to your child is communicated by our teachers to you and vice versa.  This book also keeps a record of your child’s daily appetite, meals taken (e.g. breakfast, morning tea, lunch, etc.), milk intake and bowel movement, as well as whether he/she has taken a nap and/or shower in school.  

Our school also provides parents with weekly event updates and lesson reviews via email as well as a bi-weekly curriculum overview informing parents of the subject/activity pipeline in the upcoming two weeks.

At the end of every alternate week, each child will bring home his/her learning folder to enable parents to review and reinforce what he/she had been taught at school.

Based on our experience that a child’s ability to learn is intricately linked to the bond shared with his/her parents, we regularly organise family-events such as Sports Day, Carnival Day, Children’s Day, Halloween Party and Graduation Concerts for parents to come along and join in the fun.  Through the shared memories created, we hope that your child will recognise that he/she means more to you than his/her academic progress and will thus enjoy learning so much more.